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550 pages
Format : 9 x 6 in
ISBN : 978-1-326-45874-4
Parution : February 2016


...The case of the "memory of water"...

550 pages with more than 140 tables,
figures and pictures

       Contact author : beauvais@mille-mondes.fr

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First part :  The Naturegate


Chapter 1. “It is scandalous, you stifle the discovery of the century”

Chapter 2. “It is a debate that will probably overwhelm me”

Chapter 3.  An uncharted continent

Chapter 4. The beginning of the Naturegate  

Chapter 5. Reproduction in Israel of the experiments of Clamart         

Chapter 6. Reproduction at Clamart… of the Israeli experiments   

Chapter 7. “I am sceptical for literary reasons”   

Chapter 8. “When to believe the unbelievable”      

Chapter 9. “A report the conclusion of which would be: magic is true”            

Chapter 10. The investigation report of Nature: “publish, then perish”            

Chapter 11. Law of small numbers… big consequences          

Chapter 12. Much ado about nothing?     

Chapter 13. “If one wanted, one could look at fingerprints”      

Chapter 14. “A laboratory curiosity”  

Chapter 15. The explanation is very simple”    

Chapter 16. It is the same girl, still as beautiful”          

Chapter 17. She only lacks a bit of makeup”        

Chapter 18. “Were the investigators even qualified to do professional statistical analysis?”         

Chapter 19. A blue bottle “for the use of beginning chemists”

Chapter 20. The revived passion of Nature for high dilutions     

Chapter 21. “A source of variation for which we cannot account”       

Chapter 22. “Their baby is in my bath”  

Chapter 23. “Benveniste-like experiments without Benveniste”?        

Chapter 24. Some questions without answers

Epilogue of the first part 

Appendices of the first part   


Second part : The game of heart and chance


Chapter 1. A “telephone for molecules”        

Chapter 2. The broadcasting (or not) of “pernicious” information       

Chapter 3. From “high dilutions” to “electronic transmission”    

Chapter 4. When hearts get tangled        

Chapter 5. An affair of “contaminated serum”?        

Chapter 6. You’d better... otherwise you are dead”       

Chapter 7. Publish!”     

Chapter 8. The stakes are beyond us, you and me”       

Chapter 9. Where the existence of a strange phenomenon is confirmed        

Chapter 10. “If it's true, it is the biggest discovery since Newton”  

Chapter 11. “It is a pity to see you unable of appreciating the importance of the stake” 

Chapter 12. A “computer for molecules”

Chapter 13. Remarkable… but disappointing results        

Chapter 14. “It could well be that we hold the explanation of the mystery”  

Chapter 15. Transatlantic dreams

Chapter 16. We should open a chip shop”      

Chapter 17. The eve of a revolution in biology?       

Chapter 18. From revolution to depression    

Chapter 19. When caffeine boosts memory 

Chapter 20. Jacques Benveniste at Newton's house        

Chapter 21When memory is erased   

Chapter 22. From Sputnik to “digital biology”    

Chapter 23. “The digital signal appeared to work!”  

Chapter 24. A strange small black box  

Chapter 25. A phenomenon even more interesting than “digital biology”? 

Epilogue of the second part



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