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In 1988, a prestigious scientific journal – Nature – published an article that reported odd results. In these biology experiments performed in a well-reputed laboratory, it was as if water was able to keep memory of molecules that had been dissolved and then eliminated after serial dilutions.


Many hypotheses flourished and one began to dream. Was it a new state of matter? Was a new mechanism of cell communication discovered? These results had been obtained by a team managed by Jacques Benveniste who was not a newcomer in science. Director of a laboratory of Inserm, he could have been – as the rumor said – a Nobel prize recipient.


The story became trickier when the journal Nature sent a team of investigators in the laboratory to examine these experiments. The surprising composition and the unusual methods of this squad shocked even those who were not favorable to the claims of J. Benveniste.


Over the next years, J. Benveniste gave to further developments “memory of water” which were even more bizarre such as “electromagnetic transmission” and “digital biology”.


Based on primary sources and experimental facts, this text tries to go out of the reducing and vain debate – for or against “memory of water” – which fuelled the controversy. It also attempts to put an end to the many rumors, approximations, preconceived ideas and untruths about this story.


In the course of the narrative, another story gradually takes shape: and if high homeopathic dilutions, “memory of water”, “digital biology” had been trees which hid the forest? And if the fascination for water had diverted the attention from another phenomenon which was even more fascinating and unexpected ?



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