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NB. In these articles, no hypothesis on the structure of water or its properties is necessary to describe Benveniste's experiments ("memory of water" without water...)

1. Memory of water and blinding (letter)
[Homeopathy (2008); 97(1):41-42]

2. Emergence of a signal from background noise in the "memory of water" experiments: how to explain it?
[Explore (2012); 8(3):185-196]

3. Description of Benveniste’s experiments using quantum-like probabilities
[Journal of Scientific Exploration (2013); 27(1):39-67]

4. Quantum-like interferences of experimenter's mental states: applications to "paradoxical" results in physiology
[NeuroQuantology (2013); 11(2):197-208]

5. A quantum-like model of homeopathy clinical trials: importance of in situ randomization and unblinding
[Homeopathy (2013); 102(2):106-113]

6. "Memory of water" without water: the logic of disputed experiments
[Axiomathes (2014); 24(2):275-290]

7. Intersubjective agreement in a quantum-like model of "paradoxical" experiments in biology
[NeuroQuantology (2014); 12(2):170-179]

8. Observer-centered description of misinterpreted results in biology
[International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences (2015); 23(3):221-232]

9. "Memory of water" without water: modeling of Benveniste's experiment with a personalist interpretation of probability
[Axiomathes (2016); 26(3):329-345]

10. Are there some loopholes in experimental biosciences? The lessons from Benveniste's experiments
[International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences (2016); 27(2):51-67]

11. "Unconventional" experiments in biology and medicine with optimized design based on quantum-like correlations
[Homeopathy (2017); 106(1):55-66]

12. Possible contribution of quantum-like correlations to placebo effect: Consequences on blind trials
[Theroretical Biology and Medical Modelling (2017); 14(1):12]

13. Are biological systems and experimenters really separated? 
[ResearchGate Preprint (2018); doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28801.97128]

14. Meaning and placebo effect: a probabilistic experimenter-centered modeling
[International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences (2018); 34(2):55-65]

15. Benveniste's experiments explained by a non-conventional experimenter effect
[Medicines (Basel) (2018); 5(2):28]

16. "Memory of water" experiments explained with no role assigned to water: Pattern expectation after classical conditioning of the experimenter 
[Explore (2021); 17(2):130-14]



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